Dealers in Mineralogy Equipment
directory of suppliers of equipment for mineralogy, mineral collecting and prospecting, laboratory equipment, microscopes, UV-lights, lapidary, gemology, mineral analysis:

General Assortment
Amateur Geologist 
outfitting the professional geologist, student geologist, recreational geologist, and rockhound

De Bodemschat 
a wide variety of geological equipment, books, software, presentation displays, storagesystems and many modells and sizes of storageboxes

geological equipment, presentation and display

Krantz, Rheinisches Mineralien Kontor GmbH
geological teaching materials and geological equipment

Miners Incorporated 
supplying equipment and books to geologists and engineers worldwide

UKGE Limited
over 10,000 products, from minerals and fossils to geological equipment

Collecting and Prospecting
Black Cat Mining 
g old prospecting, rockhounding and treasure hunting books and equipment 

Contract Geological Services, Inc., geological equipment and supplies

Portable Handheld Geiger counter for field work

geological equipment for collecting and storing minerals (and fossils)

Gold Maps Online 
View maps of active and abandoned gold mining claims using Google Earth 
specialist in metal detectors 

Laboratory Equipment
earth science supplies, laboratory equipment, minerals

Gouda-Geo Equipment supplies specialized equipment for soil investigation, such as CPT, SPT and DPT equipment, geotechnical software and books, secondhand rigs, filter tubes, etc.

Mineralab provides quality, affordable, and easy-to-use tools for making your own mineral identifications

offers a variety of reliable, precise scales and balances useful for mineralogy applications 

ABRO de microscopenspecialist 
second hand microscopes (in Dutch language only) 

ASKANIA Mikroskop Technik Rathenow GmbH 
stereo microscopes

BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe 
an extremely high quality, achromatic, magnifying lens manufactured by BelOMO

microscopes for study or school (in Dutch language only)

Optika Microscopes Italy 
optical microscopes for education and research 

The Blacklight Shop 
c omplete line of blacklights for gemologists, prospectors, etc. Free Shipping in the USA

Blacklights USA 
specializes in only Black Lights. We offer hand held black lights. 
ultraviolet display lamps and fluorescent minerals

UV Systems, Inc. 
a complete line of high-technology ultraviolet lighting products and component parts

Presentation, Display, Packaging
Expo Gamma 
showcases in popular standard sizes and in different combinations of colours and materials. Showcases can also be supplied according to your own specifications

Fetpak inc. 
displays, packaging, mailing, shipping and labeling supplies, jewelry displays, gem trays

GTZIP - Ziplock Bags Wholesaler 
low cost provider of ziplock bags 

Jule-Art Inc. Acrylic Display Manufacturer 
Complete on-line catalog of one of the largest selections of acrylic gems and minerals displays

Mehmen & Theißen 
Großhandel für Schmuckpackungen und Silberschmuck. Schmuckverpackungen, Schmucketuis, Schmucktüten, Etuis aus Kunststoff, Büsten, Schmuckdekoration

Mineral and Fossil Supply 
supplier of mineral flats, cotton-filled boxes, fold-up boxes, and related supplies

Rana Overseas 
wooden display stands for minerals, carved from a single piece of wood

Ricestone materials for presentation and transport of minerals, gems, jewels and other small objects.

U.S. Box Corp. 
boxes, bags and pouches for the mineral trade

Ziplock Bags and Flat Poly Bags - Discount Plastic Bags
discount supplier of ziplock bags and packaging material 

Lapidary Supplies
Anand Engineering 
tools and machinery for the lapidary industry, like sawing machines, faceting & polishing machines ,concave faceting machines, vibrator machines 

Diamond Pacific Online Catalog 
polishing and grinding cabber units, diamond wheels, lapidary rock saws, gemstone carving

Diamond Tools for lapidary work 
fine diamond tools supplies and goods for lapidary work

Inland's Lapidary Equipment 
line of lapidary equipment including diamond saws, diamond grinders and polishers for use on rocks and minerals

slijpmachines, slijpapparatuur en toebehoren, loepen en microscopen 

Krüss offers a complete range of instrumentation for the professional gemmologist

Mineral Analysis
Cannon Microprobe 
Mineral identification by means of x-ray micro analysis, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction analysis

Eastern Applied Research 
this company offers several different models of ED-XRF technology for mineral analysis in a geological setting. For on-site mineral analysis, Eastern Applied offers a handheld XRF spectrometer.  
Bench-top spectrometers are also available for off-site, laboratory, analysis.

Analytical service includes a SEM image, EDS spectra, standardless quantification of elements by weight percent, and a full written report

Crystal Models
3D prints polyhedra models of all the point symmetry groups 

Smorf crystal models 
plastic crystal models with sharp edges and flat faces for educational purposes