Mineral dealers

directory of mineral dealers and rockshops in alphabetical order:

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AA Rockshop 
affordable mineral specimens from around the world

rocks, minerals and fossils from around the world. The site where shipping is only $1.00 per item worldwide 

Absolute Quartz Crystals
specializing in quartz crystals

Adam's Minerals 
mineral specimens and gemstones

Ad Mineraal 
online store with a wide variety of minerals

Aerolite Meteorites 
fine meteorites, books about meteorites

Aesthetic Meteorites 
fine quality meteorites for museums, educational Institutions and discriminating private collectors. Exceptional iron meteorites as well as fine quality chondrites and pallasites. Authenticity of every meteorite is guaranteed.

African Gems and Minerals
wholesale and retail of minerals from Africa

rock shop specializing in agate and jasper, especially from Arizona, California, New Mexico and the southwest in general

Alexandria Mineral Shop
U.S. and worldwide minerals, affordably priced

Alpine Minerals 
fine aesthetic minerals from the alps & worldwide. Fluorites, turmalines, Gwindels

De Alruin 
mineral shop in the center of Antwerp, specialized in rough minerals, jewelry and books on gems 

Andy Seibel Minerals 
fine mineral specimens for the collector of aesthetics

Anton Watzl Minerals
fine mineral specimens from all localities over the world

Apalachee Minerals 
specializing in minerals from the Southeastern U.S.

Arch Minerals 

Arizona Mineral Company 
selected mineral specimens, lapidary rough and cut stones from the American Southwest and Mexico

Arizona Skies Meteorites 
selection of high quality meteorites from around the world

The Arkenstone 
aesthetic and classic mineral specimens

Art by God Wholesale 
wholesale rough minerals, tumbled and polished gems, fossils

varying stock of minerals in the shop in Home Hill, Australia

Astro Gallery 
specimens suitable for the novice as well as the most advanced collector 

Atelier Die Steenen Haeghe 
ruwe gesteenten, mineralen, edelstenen, gepolijste en gefacetteerde stenen, trommelstenen, edelsteengroepen, amethystgrotten, (Dutch only)

A to Z Minerals & Rock Shop 
rocks, crystals, ores, gemstones, jewelry 

Attard's Minerals 
fine mineral specimens

wholesale minerals from Brazil

Baltic Rocks
copper, silver, & other mineral specimens from Upper Michigan Peninsula's Copper Country

Barras Gautier Minerals
fine mineral specimens from all over the world

Best of Italian Microminerals 
micro mineral specimens from Italy

Bisbeeborn Minerals
fine minerals

Böhm Mineralien 
fine minerals, many pieces from Germany, Europe and Asia 

Blue Gems
specializing in fine Australian minerals, with a selection of choice world

Bob Griffis Mineral
minerals around the world world sincd 1978

Brazilian Minerals, direct from Brazil 

Broadstone Minerals 
rock shop
Cal Neva Mineral Company
minerals fromworldwide localities

British classic mineral specimens

Cam's Crystal Gallery
fine quality minerals and crystals

Cape Minerals
minerals from across Southern Africa, with a special focus on Tsumeb and the Kalahari Manganese Fields, as well as the Orange River pegmatite belt

Cascade Scepters 
quality quartz crystal and mineral specimens

Causeway Minerals
based in Northern Ireland, selling minerals from Ireland, England and abroad

Chris Tucker Minerals 
fine minerals from micro to large cabinet

unique and unusual mineral specimens, meteorites, fossils, gemstones, and fine jewelry

minerals from Colorado and around the world

CK Minerals 
Australian mineral specimens, gold, and meteorites

Coati Minerals
Fine minerals from worldwide, specialized in minerals of the Americas

Collection Arkane
mineral specimens

Collector's Edge Minerals 
superb mineral specimens

Colorado Gem & Mineral Company 
minerals from study quality to museum quality  

fluorescent minerals, also UV-lights

Le Comptoir des Pierres Dures 
stones and minerals from France, Europe and from the whole world

Le Comptoir Géologique
minerals and fossils for collections, gems, meteorites

Cornwall & Devon Minerals 
old and contemporary minerals from Devon & Cornwall

Coromoto Minerals
mining operations at Mount Mica & Orchard Pit Mines, Oxford County, Maine

Cosmic Cuts
specializing in high-quality amethyst geodes of all sizes


Crystal Ascension 
minerals, fossils, jewelry, quartz singing bowls

The Crystal Circle
fine worldwide minerals

Crystal Classics 
fine mineral specimens from the UK and around the world

The Crystal Collector's gallery 
wirewrapped jewelry, Herkimer diamonds, moldavite-tektites, crystals, larimar, mineral specimens and meteorites

The Crystal Mine 
quality mineral and crystal specimens from large cabinet to thumbnail sizes

high quality Bulgarian minerals

Crystals of the World 
wholesalers of crystals and minerals from all over the world, in Sydney, Australia

rare and unusual mostly gem crystals and minerals from Burma and Vietnam

Crystal Vine 
minerals, crystals and carvings

crystals, minerals, fossils, stones, gem carvings, beads 

Crystal World 
minerals from Australia

minerals, fossils, fluorescents
Dakota Matrix Minerals 
fine specimens and worldwide rare species, specializing in minerals from the Black Hills of South Dakota

Dan Weinrich 
specializing in the highest quality display and reference mineral specimens for both private collectors and museums

Dave's Rocks and Carvings 
rocks, minerals, crystals, and gemstones

David K. Joyce Minerals 
Canadian Minerals, International Sulphides, Sulphosalts, Native Elements, and Rare Minerals

De Barnsteen Specialist 
a webshop with minerals, crystals, fossils and meteorites 

DEKS minerals 
minerals from Southern Afrca, comprising primarily Namibian and Kalahari Manganese Fields crystal specimens 

Designs by Nature 
a nature gallery for the mineral and fossil collector

Dragon Minerals 
minerals, common and rare, thousands of specimens in stock
Edelweiss Minerals 
worldwide fine minerals, many from classic localities

Edwards Minerals 
fine specimens for the mid-range collector

fine minerals from the pegmatite areas of Isola Elba, Italy; elbaites, tourmalines, petalites, cassiterites, spessartines, feldspar from the most famous island for pegmatite minerals

specializing in minerals from classic locations like Tsumeb, Bisbee, Kelly Mine, Los Lamentos, Cornwall and Weardale

mineral auctions and sales

Excalibur Mineral Company 
rare minerals, meteorites, analytical services

Exquisite Crystals 
exquisite crystals and minerals from the hard to find Ajoite to collector Celestite from Madagascar to Huge Brazilian Amethyst
Fabre Minerals 
High quality mineral specimens from around the world

Fender Minerals
minerals for collectors

Fine Minerals
fine mineral specimens from worldwide localities

Fine Minerals International
internationally recognized purveyor of fine minerals

fluorescent minerals from own small mine in Arizona, USA. also custom manufacture of strong UV display lamps

the Focal Crystal
fine mineral specimen

Fossil Realm
fossils and minerals like labradorite, amethyst, celestite, pyrite and more
Gary's Gem Garden 
minerals, fossils, shells and gemstones

The Gem Quarry 
quartz cluster, amethyst geode, citrine cluster, crystal sphere, and more

The Geode Gallery 
geodes from Sheffler's Geode Mine, Alexandria, MO

wholesale supplier of Australian and worldwide minerals, crystals and fossils

Geokrazy Minerals 
display quality mineral specimens from thumbnail to large cabinet size 

Geological Wonders 
rock and mineral shop created to provide the collector with affordable rough, slabs, rocks and minerals

minerals for collection or investment

Gold and Mineral Diggers
mineral specimens

Gold Nugget Sales 
we specialize in rare gold nuggets and specimens 

Gold Rush Nuggets 
gold nuggets from around to world 

Great South Gems and Minerals 

fine Greek & worldwide mineral specimens for all tastes

Green Mountain Minerals
fine minerals

Greenstone Fine Mineralia 
fine mineral and fossil specimens
Hinkle's Rock Shop 
misc material from all over the country

Hoffs Rock Shop 
rocks, minerals, slabs, artifacts, fossils, jewelry, crafts

Hummingbird Minerals 
specialize in cabinet size minerals, including Rogerly Mine Fluorite
IC Minerals 
fine minerals

ICT Minerals 
quality minerals for all collectors, beginner to expert. Located in Canada and doing business world wide

meteorites, tektites, impact glass, impact breccia, fulgurites

Indigo Art and Crystals
offers a variety of minerals, fossils, stones and crystals, mainly Amethyst from South America and Labradorite from Madagascar

fine mineral specimens from Bulgaria 

minerals, fossils, geological material and decoration

Iran Minerals 
located in the Iran Esfahan region, specializing in minerals from Iran

Italian Minerals 
Italian Minerals for collectors
Jewel Tunnel Imports 
Indian and worldwide minerals wholesale

John Betts Fine Minerals 
minerals, site is updated every week on Wednesday

minerals and gems from Brazil

Junior Geo 
minerals and fossils

just meteorites 
meteorites for sale 
Katy Rock Shop 
worldwide specimens for collectors

Kaygeedee Minerals 
minerals from Canada and worldwide localities

The Kelrocks 
mineral specimens, gemstones, silver jewelry

Key's Mineral Collection 
specializing in minerals from Asia and Australasia

Khyber Mineral Company 
minerals from worldwide localities

Kristal Kartel 
mineral wholesale company in the Netherlands where you can pick your crystals for KG prices 

finest quality mineral and gold specimens

minerals, fossils, gems, shop based in the Netherlands

de Kubus 
minerals, fossils, jewels
Lehigh Minerals
minerals for beginning and advanced collectors

Little Gems 
UK site full of Crystals Fossils & Minerals from around world and the UK

Lloréns Minerals
fine minerals for collectors

Luis Burillo Minerales
high quality minerals
M.A.D. minerals 
aesthetic minerals

Magma Minerals 
fluorite and calcite from Elmwood Mine

Marco Macchieraldo 
fine specimens from Italy and from the Alpine region

Marcus Budil
fine specimens from worldwide localities

Marcus Grossmann Mineralien 
rare and high value gem crystals, aesthetic quality minerals, mineral specimens from classical sources and rare minerals

Margraf Minerals 
fine minerals from worldwide locations

Marin Mineral Company 
high quality minerals

McDougall Mineral
mineral specimens from all over the world 

MCh Minerals 
fine minerals from all over the world 

meteorites from around the world

The Meteorite Market 
meteorites from all over the world

Midnightsun Meteorites 
specializing in Muonionalusta meteorites from the northernmost part of Sweden 

minerals and equipment

Minerals from Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan 

minerals from around the world, classics and new finds, specialist in fluorites and minerals from the Iberian Penninsula

The Mineral Cabinet 
clean aesthetic specimens in all price ranges. Sizes include thumb nails to cabinet sized specimens

Mineral Classics 
collector quality mineral specimens and gemstones from world wide localities 

Minerales de Torres 
Systematic and aesthetic minerals from Spain and worldwide 

The Mineral Gallery
'The First Internet Rock Shop' pages also contain a lot of mineralogical data

The Mineral Gallery 
specializes in cabinet sized mineral specimens

Mineralienfachhandel Christian Egeler 
fluorescent minerals, rough and tumbled stones

Mineralien-Fachhandel Jörg Sahlmann 
wholesale only

Minerali e Pietre 
mineral specimens from around the world, classic localities, museum specimens, fossils, jewels and more, in italian

fine minerals

Mineral Mall 

minerals from old collections and worldwide localities

Mineral Masterpiece 
specimens and gemstones chosen for their superb aesthetics 

hand selected and visually appealing fine natural minerals

Mineral Movies
mineral specimens and crystals for rock collectors

Mineralogical Research Company 
worldwide minerals for research and display, meteorites, books, UV lamps, microscopes, digital microscopes, microscope eyepiece cameras, boxes, supplies, back issues of the "Mineralogical Record", we ship worldwide

French and alpine minerals 

minerals for collectors 

Mineral Shop 
worldwide classics and rarities

Internet mineral dealer specializing in crystallized rare species, including new discoveries and new mineral species. 

Minerals Unlimited 
dealer in minerals, rocks and related items since 1948

agates, opals and other minerals from Hungary

Les Minéraux
mainly minerals from France

Aux Minéraux du Monde 
Mineral dealer, in Nantes, France 

fine mineral specimens

Miner’s Gems and Minerals 
minerals and gemstones from San Diego, California, including tourmaline from the Himalaya Mine and the Stewart Mine and minerals from worldwide locations

fluorescent mineral specimens from Greenland

Miner’s Kingdom 
fine minerals, collector agates, unique gems 

Miner's Lunchbox 
Fine Mineral Specimens

worldwide and rare minerals for sale to mineral collectors

Mirrorstone Crystals 
crystals, minerals and fossils 

fine minerals specimens for your collection 

Mystical Earth Gallery
crystal, mineral and fossil specimens

Moldavite for Me 
moldavites from the Czech Republic 

natural and faceted moldavites directly from the Czech republic

Montgomery Crystal Co 
Arkansas rock crystal and own jewelry line

M & W Minerals  Fine mineral specimens from North and South America, rare species, native copper specimens, native silver specimens, specimens from Michigan, tourmaline, beryl and topaz specimens 
Namibia Gemstone Connection 
specialise in mineral specimens from Erongo and Brandberg, Namibia

Namibian Brandberg Crystals 
crystals from Brandberg (Namibia), from the Northern and Western Cape, including specimens from the Vredendal Lime Quarry 

minerals and fossils

Nevada Mineral & Book Company
minerals from worldwide localities, also books and publications on earth sciences

New Find Minerals 
two Australian geologists who mine and obtain minerals worldwide for the hobby and professional mineral collector

Nicholas Stolowitz
fine minerals

Njmineral & Sons  Fluorescent minerals from the Franklin and sterling Hill mine in New Jersey. Some Canadian specimens also available. Also ultraviolet lamps  

North Star Minerals 
specializing in Romanian, Bulgarian and Southern Illinois Minerals

Nuggets by Grant
gold nuggets from Alaska, Australia and North America
OAK Rocks 
mineral specimens, rough, decorator polished pieces, stone eggs, spheres, bears, stone animal carvings, unique designer cabochons, slabs, & more

Old Minerals 
quality mineral specimens and rare minerals from historical hard to get locations

Old West History Store 
genuine diamond drill core samples from the Homestake Gold Mine at Lead, South Dakota. Nevada gold nuggets. Mining-related coins and also a nice selection of historical mining stock certificates from the old west

On the Rocks 

Open Adit Rocks & Minerals 
rocks, minerals, fossils, specimens from all over the world
Pauli Minerals 
minerals worldwide

Penn Minerals 
Rock Shop featuring the finest world wide specimens at rock bottom prices

PHD Minerals 
worldwide minerals 

Pixie Crystals 
large selection of Himalayan quartz and calcite, and many others too

Polman Minerals 
fine fluorescent mineral specimens 

Quebul Minerals
fine quality collection minerals
rare and type locality minerals from Italy and the Alps

minerals, agates, stones 

wholesale amethyst and citrine cathedrals. Wholesale amethyst and citrine gem rough

The Rocking Stones
peruvian gemstones and mineral specimens

mineral specimens, crystals, fluorescents, rocks & slabs from Australia and around the World.  Sydney shop, online and at mineral shows.

mineral specimens from Russia, China and other worldwide deposits, Moldavites, Jewellery

Rocks of Africa 
minerals from the Kalahari Manganese Fields, Orange River deposits, Namibian mines and other localities in Southern Africa

Rock Star Crystals 
located in New York, collection of crystals, minerals, rocks, gemstone jewelry, fossils, meteorites, shells, etc. 

Roger's Minerals 
Canadian minerals and world wide rare mineral species for collectors, researchers and institutions

Rosell Minerals
Collection and systematic mineral specimens

Rosey's Crystals
quality minerals from classic localities

Royston Turquoise Nuggets 
raw turquoise nuggets, fluorite crystals, petrified wood and Obsidian for lapidary or decoration

Rusch Mineralen 
wholesale minerals

Russ Behnke Minerals 
some of the very best mineral specimens and gem crystals on the web

The Russian Stone 
rare and aesthetic minerals from around the world, as well as gems 
Saphira Minerals
high quality mineral specimens from all localities of the world

Selectchoice Minerals 
minerals from the Elmwood, Gordonsville and the Cumberland mines in Smith Co.,Tennessee

Seltene Mineralien 
rare minerals for the systematic collector

Seven Devil's Fluorite 
turquoise nuggets, fluorite crystals from Nevada

Shannon & Sons Minerals 
source for all of your mineral collecting hobby needs. Display specimens to rare species

fine minerals and fossils

Silmarils Minerals
mineral specimens worldwide

Precious and Semi Precious Minerals from Pak and Afghan Region

Simkev Micromounts 
supplying the discriminating collector with the finest quality micros from around the world since 1979

Smith & Sons Fine Minerals 
aesthetic mineral specimens from classic localities 

Spanish Minerals 
specialists in fine minerals from the Cantabric Mountain Range

Spezial Mineral 
specializing in minerals on Carrara marble and italian minerals 

Steetley Minerals 
fine mineral specimens from British localities especially Northern England and Scotland plus a large selection of worldwide and UV minerals 

Steinwelt Gigantic crystals of quartz and amethyst

mineral and fossil specimens from all over the world 

Stone Art Traders 
mineral specimens, crystals, rocks, and rare minerals from discontinued mines 

Minerals, fossils and gems

fine mineral specimens

Stuart and Donna Wilensky 
outstanding minerals

The Sunnywood Collection
aesthetic minerals and custom displays

Surrey Minerals 
fine specimens from Pakistan, Peru and South Africa  

Sweet Surrender Crystal Mine 
quartz crystals, Mt. Ida, Arkansas

Swordfish Mining 
Virgin Valley opal, gemstones, jewelry, beads, specimens

Systematic Mineralogy
specializing in rare mineral specimens

Systematic Minerals 
rare minerals good quality and fair prices
Takos Minerals
aesthetic and systematic minerals for collectors from all over the world

Terlingua Calcite and Cinnabar Company 
worlds largest supply of Terlingua calcite and other fluorescent minerals from Terlingua and other areas 

wholesale crystals, stones, and jewelry

Thomson Minerals 
fine and rare minerals from worldwide localities

Tinyminer's Minerals Exploration 
ore specimens and minerals

wholesaler of natural & polished African and Madagascar (Malagasy) gems, minerals and interesting rock products 

Top Shelf Minerals 
highest quality mineral specimens for advanced and investment collectors

Treasure Mountain Mining 
mineral specimens

Treasures of the Earth Ltd 
minerals, fossils, wholesale and retail

Trinity Mineral Company 
rock and mineral specimens

fine mineral specimens

dedicated to the collectible mineral treasures of Tsumeb, Namibia

Tysons' Fine Minerals Inc. 
wholesale and retail, best known for the minerals we mine in Canada. In addition we manufacture jewellery, eggs and spheres
UC Minerals 
mineral specimens from around the world

UK Mining Ventures 
fluorite from the Rogerley Mine, Weardale, Northern England 

Unique Minerals
fine minerals
Vasichko Minerals 
Ohio minerals

fine mineral specimens 

Voelter Minerals 
minerals from around the world 
De Warmtesteen 
minerals, geodes and precious stones

The Webmineralshop 
specialized in Italian/European minerals

Weinrich Minerals, Inc.
fine mineral specimens in all price ranges, classics to new finds, regular auctions

Well-Arranged Molecules 
fine and esthetic minerals worldwide with an emphasis on new Chinese finds 

Wendel Minerals 
fine classic and rare minerals

Wilensky Minerals 
fine mineral specimens 

World of Rocks 
mineral specimens from around the world

WufStuff - Outpost Aguila 
miners of gem grade chrysocolla, malachite, turquoise and lace amethyst at own mine in Arizona (USA) desert. Specimens and cutting material

Zembla Minerals
mineral specimens from around the world