Educational sites & on-line courses

Mineralogical Society of America
also containing an educational set of pages about Mineralogy 4 Kids

Mineralogy Course Resources on the Internet
a list of mineralogy courses collected by John Butler of Houston University

lecure notes, Prof. Stephen A. Nelson, Tulane University, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

Mineralogy Class Materials
powerpoints of the lectures of retired geology Prof. John D. Winter, Whitman College, Department of Geology (WA, USA)

crystallographic educational site with Visual Basic and Java applets.

encyclopédie de géologie, minéralogie, paléontologie et autres géosciences. Une équipe de bénévole publie tous les jours de nouveaux articles, des photos, des définitions géologiques, etc.

Diamond Dan Publications 
activity books for young mineral collectors, as well as other printed, educational materials like mineral patch activity programs, mineral placemats, and customized mineral publications for children 

Alex Strekeisen
for students of geology, petrography and geology enthusiasts, Each page consists of two parts, descriptive (an exhaustive explanation of the mineral phase) and visual (high-resolution photographs)

Notes to accompany course on gems and gem minerals
University of Texas at Austin 

The History of Gems, Gemology and Mining Library
a collection of close to 25.000 pages, covering gems, diamonds, mining, gemology and gold rushes on 5 continents

Kasuku - Les secrets de notre planète
a number of very educational documents in French about mineralogy and gemology